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Naturist Wedding in the 1970s

Given that there have always been nudists, probably nude wedding ceremonies have been celebrated throughout many cultures and at all times in human history.

This photo portrays a nude wedding in Denmark during the hippies era, at the beginning of the 1970s.

Nudist Wedding Ceremonies

Being invited at a naturist wedding, would you know what to wear?
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Common Erotic Imagination in the 1920s

Some behaviors do not change much through the years. Nurses and lesbians have always been part of the common erotic imagination of man. Sexually transgressive behavior such as bizarre, forbidden, and even perverse practices reflect an ancestral archetype rooted deep down in the human unconscious.

In these French Nude Post Cards from the 1920s, a photographic sequence of an erotic story is staged. A good-looking woman is walking in the wood sporting an over sized coat and nothing under it.

At a point a car comes along out of the blue, driven by another woman. At once the woman with the overcoat gets undressed, showing her naked body to the other woman, who stares at her with a knowing look.

Some caressing starts, ending up with the two naked women dancing next to the car. The car is one of the leading actors of the story.

In the end the women get back inside the car to consume privately their lust, because this story is just softly erotic and not explicit pornography.

But don’t be fooled, pornography exists since the invention of the camera, and it’s one of the most active and lucrative photographic genre.