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Digital Settlers, Digital Immigrants, and Digital Natives

I have read around that there are three categories of users of electronics. Almost every categorization  is also a generalization, but I think this one is fun.

The Digital Settlers are those who started to deal with PCs (DOS-OS) and the Net (mostly text, but not just the Web) in the late 1980s and early 1990s at connection speeds ranging in the few thousands Kbps. They are good and updated with tech, but they started to communicate using pen, paper and postal service.

Digital Immigrants are those who only recently learned to use PCs and mostly use computers for social networks and emails. Maybe some can go as far as editing a text document. You recognize them by the sharing of virus-threatening email about anything that it is obviously phony.

Digital Natives are those who were born after PCs and the Net became part of our daily life. They hardly ever use a pen. They do not use much PCs, laptops, or tablets either. They just use smart phones for everything. The Net has never been so small, and it fits in your pocket. The camera is fare enough, and so it’s the music while you walk around.