Child Modeling in the 1800s

Child modeling

As we all know, childhood today is very different from what it was more than a century ago.
A child was asked to take on adult responsibilities at an early age, and since he was a toddler wore small-scale adult clothes. This photo was taken in the late 1800s and it’s staged. These kids are early models, and they perform very well. Have a closer look.




Missing Monument – The Meta Sudans in Rome


This cone-shaped brick construction in front of the Colosseum was an ancient fountain of the Romans’ time called Meta Sudans.
It does not exist anymore, as it was destroyed at the beginning of the 1930s during some renovation of the whole area.

What you can now see is just the rest of its basement. Meta Sudans was about 20 meters tall.

The Market for Cupids

The Market for Cupids is a 3-meter long tempera painting by Antonio Canova.
It was inspired by the paintings found at Pompeii, however the idea of a market for Cupids is genial. It represents the inevitable moment of parting from a loved one. The detachment from affection is here depicted with humor and melancholy at the same time.
This photo is only a detail of the whole work. If you want to see more photos of The Market for Cupids click here.