Naturist Wedding in the 1970s

Given that there have always been nudists, probably nude wedding ceremonies have been celebrated throughout many cultures and at all times in human history.

This photo portrays a nude wedding in Denmark during the hippies era, at the beginning of the 1970s.

Nudist Wedding Ceremonies

Being invited at a naturist wedding, would you know what to wear?
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Maoist Propaganda in the 1950s


We all know that whatever color a regime is, it is always in need of propaganda. There is no exception for Maoist China. These HSINHUA’s newsphotos from 1959 celebrate the Ten Years’ Construction, pretending to depict Chinese agricultural workers as the happiest people in the world. In the way they are staged these photos are funny: Would the most gullible person ever believe it’s real?









Photo by Cheng Kuang-hun. September 11, 1959.


While returning from a hard day working in the fields, the most probable action, according to Occam’s razor, it is to sing and dance. Just as this photo shows. The original caption states that “Here shows peasants in Huaiyuan County, northern Anhwei, singing heartily on their way back home after a day’s work.”








HSINHUA NEWS AGENCY. August 26, 1959.


Here are some Chinese students from Honan Agricultural Institute that went to Yenshih County to help harvesting wheat. Caption states that “China’s college and university students regurlarly take part in practical production and physical labour for short periods to acquire more knowledge of production and foster love of labour and respect for the working people.”








Caption is missing from this one, but Sherlock can argue that there is some hoe lessons going on, probably to satisfy the urge for young boys to grow their own vegetables.

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