May 6, 2012

I keep on strolling through the crowd of vendors and shoppers, it is still dark. It’s like another world. I feel conspicuous, mingling is almost impossible. Some young guys are standing in the way, they come close and show me another couple of smart phones. Again, I dismiss them with a sign of my hand. This is 100% loot.
At a point I see a small pile of albums and folders and stop to check it. There are some photos, large nice old ones. The subject is ballet dance. Some others are smaller but worth taking, I ask for the price for the whole lot. The guy barks back that he wants 50€. I ask where are the photos from. He swears he did not steel them, he just cleaned up a cellar. After a short bargaining I leave with the photos and 30€ less in my wallet, and continue looking at the other filth for other material.