Foundphotos Diary3


May 6, 2012
It is the dirtiest market I have ever seen, and I have seen many. All the items for sale are randomly scattered one on top the other. You can smell the dirt. On my right there is a skinny woman with a denim jacket who is ransacking a mountain of shoes as if possessed by some demon- she repeatedly extracts one shoe from the base of the mountain and throws it on the top. She’s in a frenzy. I continue to walk along the muddy road between burning tires and vendors.

The vendors are gipsies of any age- from 4-5 years old up to 80something. Women and men alike. I stop to look at a big flat box with the image of a galleon. It looks old, but it is in a good shape. The young woman says “Take it! take it! Twenty euros”. But I’m not here for model building and I don’t want to buy stolen things.
I have thought about it before coming here. I have said to myself that if there is any old photo in this market, it must have been taken from the garbage bins by the gipsies. This recycling is well known, and presently it is their only social function. You do not steel old photos…
There are a lot of people, not really crowd but full. Some man move fast and have a light in their head- I can’t believe it, my friend was right.. They stride purposefully and have a predatory look, must be pros, probably antique shops owners.