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May 6, 2012

The small curved road going down the bridge is littered heavily. A few people walk down, the hood of their jackets covering their heads. From the distance I see the lights of small bonfires and as I head towards them, I smell the unpleasant odor of burned plastic.
There is a metal gate to access what looks like a fenced nomadic camp. It is open, but I stop before entering. I can see the standers, they are placed opposite each other along the road, each with her or his mountain of clothes, shoes, lamps, tires, barrels, books, videotapes, tv sets, videorecorders, clothes stands, CDs, records, computers, and whatever else you may think. On top of some of the mountains of clothes there are small children sleeping.
As I enter the gate two youngsters come close to me showing a couple of cell phones, an iphone and a galaxy. They want 80 euros. I ignore them and start to walk along the road.

Foundphotos Diary1


May 6, 2012
In Spring I usually wake up at 04:20 each morning, without alarm.
During the weekends there is plenty of flee markets in Rome, Italy, but a few have the real product.
Someone had told me that there is a clandestine gipsy flee market down a bridge towards the airport. It actually does not have an opening and closing time, gipsies just arrive like phantoms with their loots anytime during the night, and stay until dawn brakes.
My friend suggested to have a torch or some kind of light as there isn’t any there and it’s dark all around. Best would be a head lamp like a miner, my hands would be free to search among the rubbish.
While parking the car at 3:55 next to another car with a broken window, I ask myself where this passion of mine for old photographs has brought me..


Traditional Swordfish fishing in Southern Italy

This is Traditional Swordfish fishing from Le Calabrie, Southern Italy.

 A man signals to the boats where the school of swordfish is.

 The fishermen rush to the area of Mangianza (where the fish feed).

Fishermen use special boats with a very tall must to use as a crow’s-nest to spot the fish.
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Staring at women Italian style

Staring at women Italian style

French actress Brigitte Bardot, aka as BB, in Rome for a shooting, 1969

Funny, however sad and emblematic is the way the men present in the photo look at her. You immediately guess this is Italy. You clearly perceive it from the way they stare at her. Impudently and mouth open ;-)
I am sure my wife, who is a fighting knight of women’s rights, would have something to say about it.
Do you?
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Waste management in the 1930s

In 80 years not much has changed about garbage collection.

The basic chain of its management system is the same. A collector drives a truck and empties waste bins in it.

 Sometimes you need barges, but the basic facts are unchanged.
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