Digital Settlers, Digital Immigrants, and Digital Natives

I have read around that there are three categories of users of electronics. Almost every categorization  is also a generalization, but I think this one is fun.

The Digital Settlers are those who started to deal with PCs (DOS-OS) and the Net (mostly text, but not just the Web) in the late 1980s and early 1990s at connection speeds ranging in the few thousands Kbps. They are good and updated with tech, but they started to communicate using pen, paper and postal service.

Digital Immigrants are those who only recently learned to use PCs and mostly use computers for social networks and emails. Maybe some can go as far as editing a text document. You recognize them by the sharing of virus-threatening email about anything that it is obviously phony.

Digital Natives are those who were born after PCs and the Net became part of our daily life. They hardly ever use a pen. They do not use much PCs, laptops, or tablets either. They just use smart phones for everything. The Net has never been so small, and it fits in your pocket. The camera is fare enough, and so it’s the music while you walk around.


Do You Think Italian Actress Sophia Loren is a Beauty?

In 1962 Italian actress Sophia Loren wins the Academy Award for Best Actress for the movie Two Women, directed by Vittorio De Sica, from a novel by Alberto Moravia.
This is a movie still from Two Women, where she is starring with French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Still from the movie Two Women

She is the only Italian actress to have won this award until today.
Can I be frank? Am I allowed to say I have never liked her?
I am not talking about the way she acts, I am just saying I do not like her as a woman.
I do not think she was ever good-looking, even when she was much younger than today.

Italian Actress Sophia Loren

Here is a close-up. Do you think she looks nice?
I will tell you what this is all about -in Italy she is considered a top beauty :-(
I would just like to express a different opinion.
Now I am waiting for a popular uprising…


Common Erotic Imagination in the 1920s

Some behaviors do not change much through the years. Nurses and lesbians have always been part of the common erotic imagination of man. Sexually transgressive behavior such as bizarre, forbidden, and even perverse practices reflect an ancestral archetype rooted deep down in the human unconscious.

In these French Nude Post Cards from the 1920s, a photographic sequence of an erotic story is staged. A good-looking woman is walking in the wood sporting an over sized coat and nothing under it.

At a point a car comes along out of the blue, driven by another woman. At once the woman with the overcoat gets undressed, showing her naked body to the other woman, who stares at her with a knowing look.

Some caressing starts, ending up with the two naked women dancing next to the car. The car is one of the leading actors of the story.

In the end the women get back inside the car to consume privately their lust, because this story is just softly erotic and not explicit pornography.

But don’t be fooled, pornography exists since the invention of the camera, and it’s one of the most active and lucrative photographic genre.


Speedboat Queens- Miss America X

Miss America X is the last model of the Miss America powerboats. It was 11.58 metres (38 feet) long, powered by four supercharged Packard 12V airplane engines of 1,800 Hp each. It was built to be the fastest boat in the world. On 20 September 1932 Gar Wood, American businessman and racer, drove this boat to 200.943 km/h (124.860 mph).

The Motorbike – The First Glorious Decades Video

Here there is a video with some photos of old motorbikes and a few comments about this unrivaled invention.

The Motorbike

Two wheels, a frame, an engine… and it’s freedom! The first bikes did look like bicycles,
but they were already beautiful nevertheless. Motorcycles brands born in 1900.
In the 1920s and 1930s the motorbike becomes a symbol of modernity and velocity, any bold boy wants one! At the beginning of the 20th Century the motorbike becomes available to the public.

Some say billing is not a hobby, but a way of life and that bickers have more funFor ages motorbikes have helped bad boys to enjoy the company of good looking girls.
Some others point out that living without a motorbike is like sleeping without dreams..
And don’t forget sidecars! The motorcycle extends to your family and friends, even mamma enjoys :-)