é un risque ou un cliche, la ménage à trois?

Ménage à trois is  a French term which originally described a domestic arrangement in which three people having sexual relations occupy the same household – the phrase literally translates as “household of three”.
What’s is your definition of the term? Risque with Colaimages

What is a Geisha?

Geisha means “artist” in Japanese. Geisha are professional hostesses who entertain guests by performing various arts in tea houses called O-chaya. Throughout their careers Geisha are trained and continue to study and perfect skills such as Japanese ancient dance, singing, playing instruments such as Shamisen, flower arrangement, wearing kimono, tea ceremony, calligraphy, conversation, alcohol serving manners and more. View more photos here.

Bambina con fucile da caccia

This ambitious little girl was considered a soldier in her time and still is to this day. How awesome is that? Would you like to see more eye opening photograph’s like this or of anything in particular? Click here to view, our inventory of over 5000 stock images, without having to pay the paparazzo surcharge.