Supply and Demand of Online Stock Photography Images

Stock photography is one of the most competitive markets of imagery, characterized by market saturation where demand far outstrips supply. A Google search with the keywords “stock photos” gives you around 40 million results.

Given the accessibility of good quality digital cameras, coupled with the development of the Internet, more and more amateur photographers are getting involved in the online image business. As a result, the number of instantly accessible images climbed into the billions.
Oversupply has caused devaluation of imagery, and the stock business is now too competitive to be profitable. The pool of image creators is ever expanding through file-sharing platforms and websites. Can we forecast the price of the average stock photograph to be zero in a few years?

However, while it is extremely easy to quickly access millions of chip images on any subject, searching for the one image you need can be time-consuming, frustrating, and unsuccessful.
Good luck!